BioClear is a minimally invasive and cost effective treatment using clear forms which are filled with a composite material matched to the shade of your teeth.  The forms are removed leaving behind smooth contoured composite that has beautiful shine that is smooth to the touch.  The form sits just below the gum line, meaning the teeth will appear emerge naturally.  The tight contacts achieved with this system means that the papilla (the gum in-between the teeth) is hugged back into place, revealing a healthy and youthful smile.

BioClear treatment is also perfect for closing diastema (the vertical gap in-between the teeth).  Many celebrities have a diastema including Madonna, Eddie Murphy, Jack Black, Lauren Hutton, and Willie Nelson.  For many people, a diastema makes their smile unique, and they choose to keep the charming midline gap.  Though a diastema is considered harmless, meaning it rarely affects dental health, some people want to close those smile gaps.  Using the clear forms and composite bonding, your dentis can transfomr your smile with a very natural finish.